The greatest burden that every English major must bear (aside from pretending to enjoy classic novels) is this question: "What will you do once you graduate?"  Will you teach? Will you work in publishing? Have you considered switching to a more marketable major? 

In truth, these questions intimidated me. I knew I'd never survive as a teacher, and the thought of working a stuffy office job all day for the rest of my life sounded even less appealing. How, then, could I take my strongest skills and turn them into a fulfilling career?

My name is Emily King, and I'm the owner of Round Table Editorial.

As a Chicago-based freelance writing and editing professional, I seek nothing more than to put my creativity to work all day, every day. My goal is to provide quality writing and editing services for businesses and individuals, whether it's a blog post, an engaging article, a script for your next video, or something completely out of the box.

The world needs good writers, but even more than that, the world needs creatives. Let's work together and breathe some life into your next project!